Our Work

Your appeal starts before the notice of appeal.  That’s why our attorneys provide experienced and specialized appellate counselling at the trial level alongside our predominant work in the appellate courts.  But that appellate counseling doesn’t just involve preservation and creation of the record, or researching and drafting your motions or responses (good trial lawyers can do that!).  Our attorneys, working as a team, collaborate with trial lawyers to strategize and frame anticipated issues to facilitate review and a stay (through appeal or petitions for extraordinary writs), or sometimes to avoid review.  By thinking ahead about appealability, we maximize the standard of review to best the chances of success in the appellate court.  We’re focusing on your case, bringing to bear our lawyers’ familiarity with the appellate courts and experience with a diversity of procedural and substantive issues.  That’s our value-added craft, and it goes well beyond the old appellate model.